Postal 3 game cheats

Postal 3 game cheats

Postal 3 game cheats

Go to the menu option keyboard advanced to open the developer console, then press ~ in the game to open the console, enter SV_CHEATS 1 to activate the cheats mode

directly enter the relevant cheat code in the game:

Cheats effect
god Invincible mode
Impulse 101 All weapons and ammunition full
giveall All weapons
giveallammo All ammunition
giveammo Full ammo
givecurrentammo The current weapon and ammunition are full
noclip Through the wall mode
notarget Stealth mode
firstpersonview First-person perspective
thirdpersonview Third-person perspective
kill suicide
mat_wireframe 3 Perspective mode? (The default is 0)
sv_gravity # Set gravity (default is 600)
kill suicide
maps * List of all maps
map < Map name > Load the specified map
screenshot < file name > Screenshot as file name
exit exit the game

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