Postal 2 Share the Pain Game Cheats

Postal 2 Share the Pain Game Cheats

Postal 2 Share the Pain Game Cheats

Press ~ or @ in the game to open the cheats input window. Enter “sissy” to open the cheats mode, enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:
walk⇒Return to normal mode
fly⇒flight mode (second person perspective)
likeabirdy⇒Airplane mode
ifeelfree⇒Ghost mode
dokkincats ⇒ cancel cat’s weapon
rockincats ⇒ equip cats with weapons
whatchutalkinbou⇒ Turn all non-players into Kerry Cullman
osama⇒The bystander becomes Fanatacs
slomo 1⇒Exit slow motion mode
slomo⇒Slow motion mode
iamthelaw⇒Police uniform
healthful⇒Full life and get 4 first aid kits
smackdatass ⇒ body armor
swimwithfishes⇒Radar-related items
fireinyourhole⇒Rocket perspective
lotsapussy ⇒ cat
jones⇒A large number of sanitary pipes
jewsforjesus⇒Add money cheats
boyandhisdog⇒A large number of dogs
piggytreats ⇒ donuts
iamsolame⇒All weapons, maximum ammunition, invincible
alamode⇒Invincible mode
packnheat⇒All destructive weapons
Goto()⇒ Jump to the specified map
ChangeDude()⇒A 180-degree change in morality
ResetCops()⇒ cancel the wanted by the police
playersonly⇒All non-players stop actions
Other cheats:
SetAllErrandsUnComplete()⇒All tasks are not completed
SetTodaysErrandsComplete()⇒Complete today’s mission
SetThisDaysErrandsComplete()⇒Complete the task of the specified day
SetThisErrandComplete()⇒Complete the specified task
SetAllErrandsComplete()⇒All tasks are completed
SetDay()⇒Complete the task on the specified day
WarpToDay()⇒Reload the task of the specified day

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