Postal 2 Paradise Lost game cheats

Postal 2 Paradise Lost game cheats

Postal 2 Paradise Lost game cheats

Press [Shift] + ~ in the game to open the console window, enter sissy to activate the cheats mode, and then enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:
swimwiththefishes⇒’piranha’ plug-in mode
behindview 0⇒first person view
behindview 1⇒The third person perspective
gunrack⇒Get all weapons
iamthelaw⇒Police uniform
smackdatass ⇒ body armor
boppincats⇒On: Cat jumping on the wall
splodincats⇒Close: Cat jumping on the wall
dockincats⇒On: use cats as silencers
rockincats⇒Close: Use cats as silencers
headshots⇒One hit kill (headshot)
Fly⇒Airplane mode
likeabirdy⇒In-flight mode
walk⇒Return to normal mode
blastacap ⇒ full ammo
InjectLife⇒Maximum life
iamsolame⇒1% health
WhyDoIPlay⇒Full ammo/life
Ifeelfree⇒Ghost Mode
limbsnapper⇒slower head bump
alamode⇒1 life
iamsolame⇒1 life
jewsforjesus⇒Add money
headshop⇒A lot of sanitary pipes
fireinyourhole⇒Rocket perspective
catfancy⇒20 supplementary cats
boyandhisdog⇒Get dog food
piggytreats⇒Get donuts
hulksmash⇒Throwing a hammer
reaperoflove⇒throwing sickle
bladey⇒throwing machete

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