Postal 2 cheats

In the game, press “~” (or “Shift” and “@”) to turn on the console, and then enter the following password:
  SISSY  open cheating mode
  Alamode  invincible mode
  PackNHeat  increase destructive weapons
  PayLoad Replenish ammunition
  IAmSoLame  get all weapons, unlimited ammo and stealth mode
  PiggyTreats  a lot of donuts
  JewsForJesus  a lot of cash
  BoyAndHisDog  a lot of dogs
  Jones  a lot of blood vessels
  SwimWithFishes All radar-related items
  FireInYourHole Rocket Camera
  IAmTheOne  a lot of catnip
  LotsAPussy  a lot of cats
  BlockMyAss Armor
  SmackDatAss  body armor
  IAmTheLaw Police uniform
  Healthful Full of life and 4 first aid kits
  Whatchutalkinbout The bystander enters Kerry Cullman
  Osama The bystander enters frenzy mode
  RockinCats  equip cats with weapons
  DokkinCats  cancel the weapon of the cat duplicate
  IFeelFree through wall mode
  LikeABirdy Airplane Mode
  Slowmo # Set the specified speed

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