Poptropica cheats

Poptropica cheats

Poptropica cheats

Brain Hat
Get access to phone on nabooti island inside the snowy cave in “mountains of the moon” and dial “411” into the cell phone. You should have a brain hat on after calling.

Santa Outfit
Get phone from nabooti and enter 1225.

Random Skin

Hair Color


Punkin Head
All you have to do is ctrl+shift+p.

Changing Faces And Clothes
All you have do is ctrl + shift + s you will change costumes and skin if you press them down all at the same time if it doesn’t work then keep on pressing them and they will eventually work keep on pressing them you will get really cool outfits.

Nerd Outfit
Get phone from nabooti and enter 1337.

Police Hat
Get access to the cell phone that you find at Nabooti Island inside the snowy cave in “Montains of the Moon” and dial “911” into the cellphone. You should apear with a police hat on after making the call.


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