Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Game Cheats

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Game Cheats

The tree of wisdom starts at 1 foot, so the number of fertilization will be 1 less than the height of the tree.
If you stay by the tree of wisdom, any proverbs you have said will repeat.
1. Thank you for fertilizing me! Continue to fertilize, I will give you valuable information!
2. Piranha and Wall Fruit can work together to their maximum effect-this is not surprising, because they were roommates in college.
3. If you are really listening to me, then put your ears up and listen: Plant two rows of sunflowers-I’m very, very serious!
4. Diving zombies? Really annoying! What to do with them? My suggestion is: plant wall fruit on the lotus leaf, that’s it.
5. Well, try typing “future” in the game… to meet the zombies from the “future”!
6. How many cherry bombs are needed to solve the giant zombie? Tip: More than one, less than three. Further hint: two.
7. If you want to add some mushrooms to your Zen Garden, it is best to try some night levels.
8. I’m not worried that explosive mushrooms will cause permanent damage to the grass-the earth will heal itself through time.
9. Have you ever tried to click the flower on the main menu? Try it! I’m waiting here.
10. It is said that frozen zombies will eat slowly. I think the legend has its truth.
11. Have you ever heard of savage zombies that will avoid? Some people say that Chuang likes to hide in dark places.
12. Is there anything cheaper than free? No! This is why spraying mushrooms is so popular at night.
13. Want to add an aquatic plant to your Zen Garden? I bet on my bark that they can be found in the pond level.
14. Have you noticed that giant zombies sometimes smash your plants against other zombies? What’s the matter? 15. The smelly snail obviously likes chocolate–perhaps too much. Did you know that after enjoying the chocolate, it doesn’t even want to be quiet for a moment.
16. If you think that only aquatic plants will appear when you experience the “endless” survival mode, then think again! All types of plants will appear here!
17. People often ask: Where is chocolate? Perhaps a better question should be: Where is the chocolate? It will appear in every game mode.
18. Tombstone moss, eh? Only use it when there is a tombstone on the right side of the grass-this is my choice.
19. I heard that bucket zombies can withstand five times more damage than ordinary zombies!
20. I heard that when you input “mustache”, it will bring terrible deformation to those zombies.
21. Will multiple snow peas make the zombies slower? The reality is cruel: no!
22. You know that zombies will crawl out of a place, right? So, why not use tombstone moss to dispose of these cemeteries in survival mode?
23. If you want to know how long a level is, just look at the ruler at the bottom right.
24. Roof cleaning machine-a classic item, how can I recommend it. Under what circumstances do they perform best? Try “dancing and dancing” to find out.
25. If you are wondering, when you give the dancing zombie a hypnotic mushroom, whether you will let the dancing zombie summoned to turn around, then the answer is: Yes.
26. Earn money faster? Try the “endless” survival mode. Next, look at how much your bank deposits have risen again.
27. Do you think that torch wood will melt snow peas? The answer is: correct-you are very smart.
28. Those nasty plant zombies? What do they think they are, actually firing at your plants? Sacrifice the wall fruit, let these guys calm down.
29. The two mini-games, “Dancing and dancing” and “Slide on the road” are really very, very difficult. Think they are not so “very”? Try Wogua.
30. Just when you think pepper is useless, the tree of wisdom tells you: They can also destroy the zombie skating track! Huh!
31. Once you have purchased the imitator, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the plant guide to view this fool.
32. The coins obtained in the “Wall Fruit Bowling” mini game are related to the number of shots of Wall Fruit.
33. Don’t tap the glass–or, go ahead. Right-click on your aquarium Su “Zombie Hall”, so that you can deafen those underwater guys.
34. When I was an acorn, my grandfather said to me: boy, in the “smashing cans” puzzle, if you smash the cans on the right first, the facts will be much simpler.
35. In the “I am Zombie” puzzle, dancing zombies may seem expensive, but if they are scheduled properly, they will be worth every dollar you spend.
36. I had a dream. In the dream, the spike from the cat’s tail pierced the balloon and the zombie fell to the ground. I don’t know what this means.
37. How can there be no aquarium when planting aquatic plants in the Zen Garden? Well, just talk about it.
38. The underground activities of digging zombies are against the laws of nature-it seems that only the use of magnet mushrooms to confiscate their digging shovel.
39. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, as well as new marigolds in Crazy Dave’s shop.
40. What is the use of Mushroom Square? what! Except for growing mushrooms, of course it is useless.
41. Tired? Frustrated? Did the ladder on the giant wall fruit crush you? Use the Magnet Mushroom quickly-it can wipe away your worries immediately.
42. The tall stature of the giant wall fruit is widely praised-for dolphin riders and jumping zombies, they are door gods.
43. The power generated by the explosion of pepper and cherry bombs is far more than just washing away the ladder on the wall fruit.
44. It is indeed possible to feed all the chocolate to the smelly snail-it is really a glutton. But you must also remember: the plants in the Zen Garden also like chocolate!
45. The torch stake irritated the “people”, but the shovel, iron gate, ladder and shooting cart did not eat this set.
46. In the “endless” survival mode, if you really rely on those upgraded plants, please pay attention: they will become more and more expensive as the number of existing grassland increases.
47. The imp zombies in the “I am Zombie” puzzle look very weak, but they are fast. When you have solved all the plants, you can use them to get the final “trophy”.
48. Type “trickedout” to see what the chance of mowing becomes.
49-98. (50 feet high) Thank you for fertilizing me! I can’t think of anything new now. However, if I grow taller, I might come up with some new ideas!
99. Hey! I am already 100 feet tall! Congratulations, type “daisies” and some daisies will drop when the zombie is killed.
100-498. Thank you for fertilizing me! I can’t think of anything new now. However, if I grow taller, I might come up with some new ideas!
499. Wow! I’m 500 feet tall! This is about to dance! Type “dance” and let the zombie swing its body!
500-998. Thank you for fertilizing me! I can’t think of anything new now. However, if I grow taller, I might come up with some new ideas!
999. Wow! I’m 1000 feet tall! Congratulations, type “pinata”, the candy scattered all over the place after the zombies die!
1000. Thank you for fertilizing me! I have given you all my wisdom, but you can still make me grow taller!

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