Planescape Torment game cheats

Planescape Torment game cheats

Planescape Torment game cheats
Infinite experience
Talk to the owner Hamri at the coffin shop in Xiacheng District. You will mention a tomb map made by his father. He will say it is placed in the warehouse and retrieved to him from the warehouse. The end of the dialogue will get 2000 experience points. Talk again, take more…post it!
Get experience points in “Sensate Emporium”:
In “Sensate Emporium”, walk to “Ravel’s stone” and “nodding” continuously until you have to speak, so that you can get 6000 experience points each time.

unlimited money
In the “Smoldering Corpse bar”, find “Moachi” (the eastern part of the bar). Tell her repeatedly how she is not a “dustie” and ask for some money. Repeat as many times as necessary, and get 50 gold for each request. This method is useful when you don’t have enough money to buy a “tattoo”.

A stone of memory facing the door in the private information area of ​​the “Secretary Office” (Upper District) can earn unlimited 6000 experience points. After the first recall, the order of answering again is 11121111.

Watch all the movies:
Find the “Torment.ini” file and edit [Movies] as follows:

Hex cheats:
teaches you how to modify the desired attribute value, it is actually very simple.
1. Write the attribute value that you want to modify, (the order is: STR, %STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHAR) such as: 18 30 15 15 17 12 9.
2. Change the above value to hexadecimal. (You can use the WINDOWS calculator, enter the decimal number, and then press the HEX radio button to get the hexadecimal number.) For example, the number above is converted to hexadecimal: 121E0F0F110C09
3. Use the HEX editor to find the above value in torment.gam file*. (enter 121E0F0F110C09 in the search bar)
4. After you find it, you can modify it according to your wishes. Use the WINDOWS calculator to convert the number you want to change and then replace the original number.
Find stale mary in the Dead Nations in the lower ward on the upper right of the world map and in the stale marys chambers on the lower left. All the content is 1. That is, Answer1: “I had some questions.” Answer2: “Mary, I need to speak with the silent king.can you help me.” Answer3:”I need to leave this place.” Then gain exp 3750, after getting the exp, it will leave, go to the upper left hole and send it to the silent king. The problem is here, don’t leave after getting the exp, find stale mary and repeat the above three questions, once again gained exp 3750. Here, the gained exp is unlimited. Here, all the attributes of the protagonist are added to the upper limit.

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