Plague Inc Evolved game guide

Plague Inc Evolved game guide

Plague Inc Evolved game guide:
1. Other pathogens outside the spores have relatively good environmental resistance, only cold and heat, and wealth is not good;
2. At the beginning, do not arbitrarily raise birds, insects, blood, livestock, and mice. These infections can easily increase the variability of the plague several times; instead, at the beginning, you should focus on resistance, air 1 and water 1.2 are enough (Except mutation flow)
3. Each level of gene enhancement will be stronger than the previous level, but the effect of gene recombination level 3 is the same;
4. Environmental enhancement is worth upgrading
Any symptom of the 5.7 plagues can slow down the cure
6. The coma can greatly reduce the relief medicine
7. Organ failure can kill people quickly; the symptoms of necrosis are infections that turn into killing;
8. Immune suppression, sounds very serious, but the effect is far less than necrosis
9. Extreme allergies and dysentery are very useful, but they may not be used in the main mission
10. Don’t mess with symptoms
11. Each pathogen’s special ability is very useful
12. Worms are the simplest pathogen;
13. Viruses with resistance to the environment ≤ 0.15, no matter how highly infectious they are;
14. Viruses that are extremely harmful, can make infected countries give up antidote research
15. The lethality of the virus must be greater than 25, otherwise the speed at which you kill has not come quickly.

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