Pinball FX3 game cheats

Pinball FX3 game cheats

1. First open the program

2. When the ball falls into the slot, close the input method

3. Input: bmax: unlimited pinballs

gmax: Open the gravitational well

rmax: upgrade

hidden test (with a space in the middle) you can drag the pinball with the mouse

1max can get a ball for free

In addition, press “H” in the game to enter the high score list, take a look at your own score, wow 1 billion points! Press “R” to directly upgrade to “Ensign of Navy”.
Pinball FX3 game cheats:
Bonus ball

Enter 1max in the game. Note: valid on Windows 2000/XP

Infinite ball

Enter bmax just after the game is started. Note: valid on Windows 2000/XP

Note: Extra balls will appear at the “yellow spiral star”. (FiAG original reply netizens added: Enter bmin to turn off the infinite ball.)

Start gravity well

Enter gmax at the beginning of the game. Note: valid on Windows 2000/XP

Advance now

Enter rmax in the game. Note: You won’t get points.


Note: Tips are not cheating, and are often simple

Earn more points

Light up all three lights at the top by “re-entry course”, the attack buffer will change color (blue, green, yellow, red) to get more points.

Launch the ball lightly and let it light up the three dispatch lights on the right launch track, you can get 75,000 points.

Let the ball pass through the hyperspace ramp to rotate the flag. When it spins, start a new game. The flag will continue to spin, and you will get some points when the new game starts.

You can enable bmax to get infinite balls and get very high records. When you get a high enough record in this way, press and hold the “fire pin” until it prompts “TILT”, so you lose a ball. Note: You can still use 1max to continue after losing a ball, if you do not need to tilt the table when you want to exit.

Move back to the field lights

Shake the baffle to move the light on the top again.

High Skill Launch

The dispatch ramp has hidden high-skill launches. Launch the ball into part of the ramp and let it fall to the first yellow arch of the ramp, so you will earn a good score. Turn on the high-skill launch, and the points for each light on are:

The first one: 15,000

Second: 30,000

Third light: 75,000

Fourth: 30,000

Fifth: 15,000

Sixth: 7,500

Upgrade with only one task

When completing a cadet with a scientific mission, let the ball fall as quickly as possible when the mission light is flashing. If you don’t want to lose a ball, please make sure there is an extra ball or replay the ball. When the ball returns to the striker, you will be at the next level and all task lights will be on. Now you only need to complete one task to get one level up. Make sure you have a bonus ball or replay ball to replay it, otherwise you won’t be able to play it soon.

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