Pilot Down Behind Enemy Lines Game Cheats

Pilot Down Behind Enemy Lines Game Cheats

Pilot Down Behind Enemy Lines Game Cheats

Press [F11] in the game to enter the cheat menu: unlimited bullets and full weapons, etc.

Command Line:

Use the following command line to start the game> to get the corresponding effect:

Command line ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒function
16bit⇒16bit graphics mode
loadalllevels⇒All related cards
nomusic⇒Turn off the sound
noperception⇒Invisible mode
invunerableai⇒Invincible enemy mode
infiniteammo⇒Infinite ammo
fullscreen⇒full screen mode
nodamage⇒Invincible mode
nosoldiers⇒Remove all enemies
noai⇒Remove all characters
health:#⇒Set the current health value
enduranceskill:<>⇒Set [Endurance] skill level
firstaidskill:<1_4>⇒Set [First Aid] skill level
fitnessskill:<1_4>⇒Set [Workout? ]skill level
res:⇒Set screen resolution
machinegunskill:<1_4>⇒Set [Machine Gun] skill level
pistolskill:<1_4>⇒Set [Pistol] skill level
rifleskill:<1_4>⇒Set [Rifle] skill level
sneakskill:<1_4>⇒Set [thief] skill level
stealthkillskill:<1_4>⇒Set [Assassination] skill level
strengthskill:<1_4>⇒Set [strength] skill level
windowed⇒window mode

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