Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire game cheats


Common console commands

Press ~ (the button above the TAB) and the console appears (a frameless input field appears at the top of the screen), where you can enter commands. After entering iroll20s first, you can enter the following command, replace the words in parentheses with the required values ​​to unlock the corresponding effects.

God-God mode, the team is invincible (switchable). Enter again to turn off this mode. (*It seems to have to re-enter after reading the file)

HealParty-Provide endurance and restore health to all team members.

UnlockAll-Open all closed containers on the current map. (Invincible unlock skills)

Rest-The team does not spend camping equipment

GiveMoneyPlayer X-You get X coins

AddExperience X-Each team member gets experience value X.

AddExperienceToLevel X-Each team member enters level X (maximum value: 12?) (*maximum value uncertain)

CraftingDebug-Get a lot of manufacturing materials.

FreeRecipesToggle-can make everything without proper ingredients.

Invisible-the group is invisible-the enemy ignores you. (*Theft or the task is easy to use, it is invalid in a few specific occasions after testing, it should be a condition that must be triggered when encountered)

NoFog-No fog on the battlefield

ToggleSpellLimit-Cast unlimited spells

LearnAllAbilities X Y (X: Character; Y: tableId) (Seriously destroy the gameplay, there may be bugs)

AdjustMorale X (X: number) (Is it not tested whether it is crew morale, max 100?)

GiveallConsumableItems X (X: quantity) (give you all consumable items)

UnlockBestiary-Freely rotate all monster information in the monster. (*Don’t know what it is?) (Original: Turns all monster messages freely in the bestiary.)

FindGameData X (X: object name, such as sword)

Giveitem X (X: itemGuid) (The format of X is Bow_Exceptional, Robe_Armor_Fine, Pistol_Exceptional) (Item names cannot be automatically completed using the Tab key, and both upper and lower case letters are acceptable)

* Application of Giveitem and FindGameData: First use FindGameData to find all the swords, select the required swoird and write down the code, and then use Giveitem to enter the item code.

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  1. […] Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire game cheats […]

  2. […] Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire game cheats […]

  3. […] Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire game cheats […]

  4. […] Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire game cheats […]

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