Order & Chaos How to get gems quickly

Order Chaos How to get gems quickly

Order & Chaos method to get gems quickly:
1. Prepare a level 1 power gem, or other gems, we call it A for short
2. Prepare a set of three crit gems or others, we call it B for short
3. Put A out of the first grid of the gem warehouse, and place B on the second grid of the row
4. Put A on the gem synthesis interface
5. Position A and B interchange
6. At the moment when you click to synthesize, swap A and B gems again. At this time, you will be asked if you want to synthesize a level 2 crit gem. Before clicking OK, confirm whether the positions of A and B have been returned. The initial position is now. If yes, click OK. If not, repeat steps 3-6.
I may not be very proficient in the first operation, it does not matter, just practice a few times.

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