Omerta City of Gangsters game cheats

Omerta City of Gangsters game cheats

Create a folder in the main game folder and name it “Data”. Then, in this folder, create a text file called “cheatfix.lua” (lua is the format, not part of the name). We open the created file with notepad and write the following in the first line:

AreCheatsAvailable = function () return true end

We save the file. We start the game. The following commands are written during the game:

Effect Code

+$ 20,000 dirty and clean money – chbigdeal
+150 seats and +50 beer, alcohol and weapons – chsecretstash
Maximum authority – chfearme
Maximum affection – chfancysuit
All weapons in inventory – charmsrace
Win a tactical battle – chfeellucky
Lose a tactical battle – chcementshoes
Unlock all minions – chfullhouse
Explore all areas – chplayground
Win current district (don’t know how to translate) – chdrycity
Increase the level by the specified number – chding [number]

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