no man’s sky BUG

no mans sky BUG

no man’s sky BUG

Do not rely on BUG to brush money method
The best way to get money is to find a planet with special products, such as poisonous sea urchins and cubes (green exclamation points on the planet) all over the floor. Then find the nearest place where you can trade, such as a trading station or a small trading station with a parking lot, and then keep taking these brushes. About 500,000-800,000 yuan per trip.

Every 5 minutes. Don’t worry about the guard unless it’s very close to you, just take it and run away. The mechanical dog remembers to run off the terrain with him. Take the full and wait for the wanted to go back to hand it in. This is the fastest way. There are 5 million in about an hour. When it reaches 12 million, you can buy a spaceship with a size of almost 35 blocks. Don’t use it. The astronomical figure is simply impossible to achieve.

SL play method to brush money (applicable to console version)
Go to the space station, buy the most expensive items on the spacecraft, then get on the spacecraft and save (board, then disembark) and commit suicide outside. After the resurrection, load into the previous archive. Go out and pick up the corpse to see if the things on the ship have doubled After the ship is full, commit suicide first, read files, sell things, pick up things, go back to the file, and then commit suicide, read files, sell, pick up, save, commit suicide, read files and make unlimited money, wailing fast

Swipe the 1.5 upgrade version, load the first archive after death, and then load the second archive. There will be 2 corpses outside, which can save half of the time. I don’t know if 4 will appear if I read it again…

Note: The PC version has fixed this BUG.

Swirl Cube Brush Money
This method is very simple: as long as you find the vortex cube on the planet, you can brush it. But note that the Vortex Cube does not exist on every planet, and the location where it appears is basically only on larger planets. Brush the vortex cube, about 400w an hour.

Hit a distant enemy
Just borrow the tool we are most familiar with-the scanner:

1. Press and hold F to take out the scanner

2. Right-click to zoom in and shoot at the same time

Jike Transmission Tower
Looking for a bug in the spaceship, there are currently 3 races in the game, Geek, Korovakos, and Wikian. These three races all have transmission towers for the spaceship, so I won’t say much. To

The bug lies in the transmission towers of the Jike tribe, which can be used for unlimited time, that is, all the crash points of a planet can be found, and the crash points are generally not refreshed. To

It’s just what it is. It’s just for you to discover, so you may find duplicates. Generally, you can find all of them after you swipe 10 times. Therefore, you must go to the Zike galaxy to find the spacecraft. Generally speaking, you must see Jike. The transmission tower of the race shows that there is a high chance of finding a more satisfactory spacecraft.


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