Ninja Gaiden game cheats collection

Ⅰ “Ninja Gaiden”

★Cheats: Save the original blue ninja costume

Select a new game and press the left and right trigger buttons and the A button at the same time. After success, the system will emit a confirmation tone.

★Cheats: Skip the cutscenes

In the game you can skip “most” cutscenes. You need to press “START”, “A” and “START” in order.

★Cheats: Skip the plot of “Escape from the Mountains”

In the last episode of the game, if you have completed this episode once, and have been defeated by “Dark Murai” and have obtained “Dark Dragon Blade”. Then when this FMV starts, you can press “START”, “A” and “START” in order. This way you can skip this episode and fight “Dark Murai” directly.

Provided by: Irvan

★Unlock content: Dark Dragon Blade (Dark Dragon Blade)

Start a new game with a save of your completed game. In Part 13, you can find this famous blade if you go to Muramasa’s shop.

★Unlock content: Evil Ryu (Evil Ryu)

Complete the game with “extremely difficult” difficulty.

★Unlock content: Futuristic Outfit

After finishing the game on “Normal” or “Hard” difficulty, you press the left trigger when starting a new game.

★Unlock Content: Movie Gallery

After completing the game on “normal” or “hard” difficulty, you can unlock all CG movies.

★Unlock content: music used in sound effect test

Complete the game on “normal” or “hard” difficulty

★Unlock the content of “Ninja Gaiden” of Nintendo NES version:

1. Unlock: NES version of “Ninja Gaiden”
How to accomplish: Collect all 50 Scarabs (Scarabs)

2. Unlock: “Ninja Gaiden2”

Method 1. In “Normal Difficulty”, the player must obtain the “Master” level in all levels

Method 2, after unlocking “Ninja Gaiden1”, you need to go to the Clock Tower Plaza in Tairon. Use your arrow to shoot at the dial of the clock tower. Walk to the door leading to the clock, open it and you will find a cabinet containing “Ninja Gaiden 2” inside.

3. Unlock: “Ninja Gaiden3”

Method 1, in the difficulty of “difficult” or “extremely difficult”, the player obtains the “Master” level of all relevant cards.

Method 2, after unlocking the second generation, when you reach the Peristyle Passage, jump between the first and second pillars facing the entrance to the entrance on the left. At the top of a ruined pillar you will find “Ninja Gaiden 3”.

★Unlock content: Plasma Sabre

Complete the game on “Normal” difficulty to unlock a new outfit and a plasma saber. When you start a new game, hold down the left trigger and select “New Game” at the same time to use these new equipment.

★Unlock content: Plasma Sabre MkII

If you have already obtained this weapon, you return to the cemetery in Part 13. At this time, you will find that your “magic weapon” will be upgraded to a more lethal MkII type.

★Unlock content: “Extremely Difficult” game difficulty

Complete the game on “normal” or “hard” difficulty.

Provided by: Mr.JPinto

★Tips: restart the game system

If you press “START” and “BACK” simultaneously in the game. You can return to the main menu of the system. But be aware that by doing this, all your unsaved progress will be lost.

★Tips: “Ninja Gaiden1” Passwords

* Act I: L, X, A, Y, A, X
* Act II: A, X, X, R, Y, A
* Act III: X, Y, B, R, L, X
* Act IV: B, R, A, B, Y, Y
* Act V: X, A, Y, X, L, L
* Act VI: R, Y, R, L, A, X

★Tips: “Ninja Gaiden2” Passwords

* Act I: A, A, B, X, Y, R
* Act II: X, L, R, B, B, A
* Act III: L, Y, B, A, R, R
* Act IV: A, L, X, Y, Y, B
* Act V: R, A, A, B, X, L
* Act VI: Y, L, R, A, Y, R
* Act VII: B, B, X, Y, A, L

★Tips: “Ninja Gaiden3” Passwords

* Act I: B, Y, R, L, X, A
* Act II: A, R, R, Y, A, L
* Act III: L, B, R, Y, L, Y
* Act IV: R, R, B, A, Y, X
* Act V: Y, A, B, X, R, X
* Act VI: B, X, X, A, X, Y
* Act VII: X, R, X, Y, Y, L

★Tips: Save your health

If you use the “Kitetsu” sword, equip the “Tranquility Bracelet” and get 40 golden beetles. At this time you can stop the “sucking blood” effect of this sword.

Provided by: William Scharmach

★Tips: Step on the water

No matter where in the game, as long as there is water surface, you can make “Ryu” walk to the water surface, and then keep pressing the A button. Then you can run over the water.

Provided by: Kniz33

★Easter eggs: Kill Rachel

You can shoot her to death with a bow and arrow in the pyramid above Alma V2 or in the volcanic cave. But what followed was-Game Over:)

Provided by: Jason

Ⅱ “Ninja Gaiden” Hurricane Enhanced Edition Volume 1

★Unlock content: New costume

When you select a scene in “Master Tournament”, you press the white or black buttons at the same time, and a new costume will appear.

If you press the white button-the costume in “dead or alive” will appear
If you press the black button-the costume of “Evil Ryu” will appear

Provided by: suntansuperman

★Unlock content: Collect corresponding gifts of the Golden Beetle

* Collection 5: Wooden Sword (Wooden Sword)
* Collection 10: Armlet of Fortune
* Collection 15: Vigoorian Flails (Vigoorian Flails)
* Collection 20: Armlet of the Moon
* Collection 25: Dihalbro
* Collection 30: Armlet of the Sun
* Collection 35: Armlet of Benediction (Armlet of Benediction)
* Collection 40: Jewel of the Demon Seal
* Collection 45: Armlet of Tranquility (Armlet of Tranquility)
* Collection 50: Dark Dragon Blade (Dark Dragon Blade)

Provided by: IGN

Ⅲ “Ninja Gaiden” Hurricane Enhanced Edition Volume 2

★Unlock content: New costume

When you select a task, you press the white or black keys at the same time, and a new costume will appear.

If you press the white button-the costume in “dead or alive” will appear
If you press the black button-the costume of “Evil Ryu” will appear

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