“Need for Speed: The Run” how to turn in the game freely

Need for Speed The Run how to turn in the game freely

What does “Need for Speed: The Run” rely on to attract players? It relies on crazy racing cars, 123 super cars (there are no shortage of world famous cars, Porsche 911GT2, McLaren MP4-12C, Ford Mustang Cobra GT500 Ultimate Edition, etc., for everyone who loves cars and can’t refuse The temptation) and shocking animation effects, every Need for Speed ​​16 desperate player will want to make extremely fast chases and beautiful drifts, etc. For novices, it is even more eager. Today, I will teach you novices how to make beautiful corners. Imagine the pleasure of turning in Need for Speed!

1. Release the throttle and brake to corner (release the throttle and brake to corner)

2. Hold down the accelerator and hold down the brake to corner (press and hold the ↑ key. Click the brake)

3. Hold down the throttle and brake to corner (spot brake: click N times to brake)

4. Release the throttle to make a corner (fully release the throttle)

5. Hand brake to corner (press once before cornering. Don’t press it when cornering)

6. ​​Handbrake with tail flick to corner (press when cornering. Tire beats back)

7. Press the hand brake + brake at the same time (for emergency brake)

8. Click to release the throttle to make a corner (for example: turn to the left, hold down the → button, and release the throttle)

9. Wipe the wall and make a bend (Motor racing is a must-do. Try to wipe the wall below 40 degrees)

10. Close to the inside of the opponent and make a corner (very tricky. Because the opponent will fly out)

11. Downshifting and cornering (eg: fourth gear down to third gear. Can improve cornering performance)

is such a simple 11 tricks that can help novice players to make a beautiful turn!

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