Need for Speed: Pro Street game cheats

Choose to enter the password (the first item) under “Code Enter” in the general catalog of the game career mode
Enter the following code to get benefits:
cokezero won Coke Zero Golf GTI {The actual test is invalid}
onlinesubaru gets Subaru Impreza WRX Sti {invalid}
mitsubishigofar acquires Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
safetynet get repair tools
cashmoney get 10,000 money (can only be used once)
reggame unknown
zerozerozero gets a collection of Golf GTI
1mi9k7e1 unknown
l1is97a1 gets the rim
w2iollo1 obtains vinyl (nitrogen combustion accelerator)
1ma9x99 get body sticker
horsepower enhanced engine
itsaboutyou gets Audi TT
worldslongestlasting acquires Dodge Viper SRT10
energizerlithium obtains lithium-enhanced vinyl (nitrogen combustion engine)
Castrolsyntec acquires Castrol’s special vinyl (nitrogen combustion engine)
leipzig unknown
unlockallthings unlocks the vehicles and parts of the dealership
collectorsed unlock special vehicles and parts {invalid}

Select CODE ENTRY in the career menu

CASHMONEY Add $10,000
SAFETYNET 5 Free Repair Markers

Each career mode can only be used once. . . .

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