Need for Speed: High Stakes game cheats

Need for Speed High Stakes game cheats

Need for Speed: High Stakes is generally a summary work of the previous three works. It inherits the heat tracking system from the previous work, and adds a racing destruction system and a professional game mode. Generally speaking, it is still one. A very exciting racing game. Today I will share with you the secrets of Need for Speed: High Stakes.

Get Titan: Use Hotrod as the name to get all cars, and the “Cheat Activated” menu will appear. This option will not last long, but you can use Titan to run wild in special event mode and get the highest reward.
Get Phantom: Use Flash as the name to get the phantom. “Cheat Activated” menu will appear
Get Phantom and Titin without secret skills:
-To get Phantom, you must win first place in all competitions.
-To get Titin, you must be first in the special event.
Various tricks: Start a new game, and press “up + triangle + X” immediately after pressing start, until 3-2-1-go! Now you can use the horn key to quickly accelerate.
Drunk car: Choose your car, press start, and immediately before loading appears, press and hold “Up, L2, R1” until loading appears, then you will be drunk.
Get a super police car: Detain 10 speeders within the time specified in the hot persuit.
Get the helicopter: Use Whirly as the name to get all the cars in test drive and versus mode. When the “Cheat Activated” menu appears, the helicopter will be in front of you for you to choose.
Get a helicopter without secret skills: Use Lamborgini Diablo SV to get through the hot pursuit mode within a limited time.
Special Cars: Use the Hot Pursuit mode with every police car to get BMW M5, Corvette, Porsche, Caprice and a Lamborghini
More hot pursuit mode (Hot Pursuit) time: do not enter the name to enter the game to get more time.
Smooth car: press triangle, circle, X, box, up.
Get Porsche: Enter the ‘Corvette Pro Cup’ in the special event, get first, you will get ‘Pro Cup Corvette’ and then enter the ‘Porsche Pro Challenge’ event, get first, you’ll get ‘Pro Cup Porsche”.

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