Need for Speed game cheats

Need for Speed game cheats

Need for Speed game cheats

In a single player game, when entering the name, such as entering the following name,

Note: The cheats may only be valid after you win the game
EAC POWR⇒Hidden racing car (269km)
EAC 4X4R ⇒ Replace 4x4s with cars, vans, trucks?
EAC WARP⇒Ultimate Speed Mode
EAC RALY⇒Track skid, desert off-road mode
EAC SCAR⇒Anti-impact mode
EAC QAQA ⇒ Stunt roll mode, restart immediately after crash
EAC GIMX⇒Advertising, wall and sign
EAC TIME⇒The game clock becomes faster
EAC SLOW⇒The game clock slows down

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