NBA LIVE 2003 Complete Cheats

Start the game as usual, and then create a new player with the following name to unlock the special player:
  MIXTAPES Unlock DJ Clue
  DOLLABILLS Unlock B. Rich
  GHETTOFAB Unlock Fabolous
  GOODBEATS Unlock Just Blaze
  CALIFORNIA Unlock Hot Karl
  FLIPMODE Unlock Busta Rhymes
  Easy fouls
  When your opponent is backing you down, press [Taking Charge] to get the CPU to foul you. Information in this section was contributed by Virethab.
  Easy freethrows
  Pause game play, then change the controller setting to the CPU. Resume game and after the CPU has shot the freethrow, pause game play again and change the controller setting back to its original &#118alue.
   slower speed
   Change the game type to “Arcade” and select the desired rules for the game. It has a much slower game speed and easier control.
  Make the three-pointer easier: Go to the options, select the code selection and type “three4all”.
   Get more money: Go to the options, choose code selection and type “momoney”.
   More first time slam dunk: Go to the options, select the code selection (code selection) and type “DUNKONYOU”.
  Xbox Ball: XBALL
  Soccer: KICKME
   Volleyball: SPIKEIT
  Beach ball: BEACHBUMS
  The player gets smaller: ITSYBITSY
   Hidden players appear: PEEKABOO
   Unlimited physical strength: SPEEDY
  The computer allows trading players: DOIT
   The eighth ball of pool: CORNERPOCKET
   Chicago Skyline Court: CITYHOOPS

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