Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor cheats

Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor cheats

Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor cheats

Open Box On Chair
Click on the box on chair in Nancy’s room. Click to open one of the animal pictures. Click on button in upper left corner to change/open the cover (these are the shapes), keep clicking until shape matches the following: Fish – quarter moon on left, background blue (click on slide dragon to change colors); Rabbit – half moon on left, background green; Dragon – all open, red background; Lion – quarter moon on right, red background; Lynx – all closed. Once you’ve done this the box will open and reveal the lens to a telescope.

Secret Dream
When you enter Jane’s room, turn to her desk and click on the chattering teeth 10 times. You will get an Easter egg. Then go to bed. In the middle of the night, you’ll have a special dream.

Key For Lock Next To Jane’s Door (right Side)
Go up the spiral staircase that’s between Jane and Nancy’s rooms. At the top there are levers that need to be pulled in a specific order. It is based on the noise made as you ascend the staircase. You need to pull in the following order: B, A, D, C, A, D, E, E. A key will be revealed above the levers.

Secret Passageway
To open the secret passageway, you turn the dragon’s feet the way the objects are pointing on the door. On the right side the feet should face right down and down. On the left, the feet should face up left right.

13 Ghosts
After you get the password for Alan’s computer, you will be sent on a ghost hunt. 4 of the ghosts are in the great hall, 2 are in the conservatory, 3 are in the hall downstairs, and 4 are in the hallway upstairs. In the great hall, one ghost is by the door to the library, one is on the ball by the staircase to the left, one is by the door that leads to the hall on the right, and when you turn around there is one on the floor by the column with the moons on it. Enter the door that leads to the hall there is one ghost by the kitchen door there is one on the wall by the cricket ball to the left when you turn around and there is one on the floor by the painting when you turn around. In the upstairs hallway there is a ghost by Nancy’s bedroom door there is one up the stairs with the levers there is one by the door with the coat of arms and there is one on the wall across from Alan’s sister’s door. In the conservatory there is one ghost in the trophy and one by the door when you leave. That should equal 13.

The password to alan’s computer is Purgamentum Exit.

There is a card game named Betty. When you start to play you will notice a bunch of symbols. If you click the symbols in the right order Betty will reveal a gift it will be an arrowhead the order goes like this sad face, parrot, harp, 2 flutes, and finally a happy face. The arrowhead will open the column with the two angels on it. It is the column next to the door that leads to the hallway.

Sceret Passage
In the room with the dragon there is a vase with a tree on it. Pull the lever under the vase to slide down a secret passageway. In the passageway you will see a bulls eye. Get the cricket ball from the hallway downstairs and hit the bulls eye it will give you a piece to open the other column with angels on it.

Time Change
To enter Jane’s room, it has to be after 2 pm. So use the alarm clock in Nancy’s room to set the time for 2 pm and then hit set. You’ll need to use the clock to change time throughout this game.



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