My Summer Car game cheats


My Summer Car game cheats

My Summer Car game cheats

First open the console
Press [ESC] to enter the CONSOLE below:
Cheats *Function

hemo ⇒ send to home

lefa ⇒Send to auto repair shop

drag ⇒ teleport to the short acceleration track

sale ⇒Send to the store

time6 ⇒ time back

date3 ⇒ changed to day of the week

poor# ⇒Add money (replace the # sign with a number, such as poor10000)

keke ⇒ immortality

rcar ⇒ move the car Satsuma home

rvan ⇒ move the truck home

rtra ⇒ take the tractor home

rbed ⇒ take a break

weat ⇒ change the weather

seiv ⇒ game save

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