Mountain game cheats

Mountain game cheats

Mountain game cheats

How to enter cheats:
In the game, directly press the corresponding character key on the keyboard.
If you press cxzxcccxxxcbb on the keyboard, there will be a big fish falling into the pot:
Cheats list+
Button ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Function
bbbbcb⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒It snows
mmmmmm,mnab⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Heavenly Blood
bbaassa,,mmnnb⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Frogs in the sky
cccccccbzxc ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Heavenly coins
cvbnmbm⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Heaven and Fire
ssfssfsfjhggf⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Heaven and Heart (very romantic)
vmvmamamadadadgnanad⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒things in the sky
Other instructions:
Button ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Function
Number keys 1-4⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒change window size
m,kj⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒display mountain’s thoughts (similar to the effect of “.”)
jk,b⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Switch mountain thinking state
sss,aaam⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Remove items on the mountain
as,zb⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Destroy Mountain
This command will attract external forces to destroy your mountain. After destruction, the mountain will be initialized.
But you can build a blue shield to avoid destruction by playing arbitrarily
sbn,assss⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Initialize the mountain
This command will initialize the mountain directly, and cannot witness the destruction of the mountain.
asa,mnbvcvv⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Unlock the third row of notes (that is, unlock the “Q” to “I” keys)
fs,n,sfs,n,s,⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Unlock hidden menu
[Move the mouse to shake the mountain]⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Clear the clouds
Number key 5⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒VR support
1. If you have a prop phonograph, click on it to play music.

2. The game save path is: C:Users, your username AppDataLocalLowTrashMountain

3. Press the “.” key or “period” to see what the mountain is thinking.

4. Hold down the left mouse button and drag on the object to throw the object to the mountain again (note: if it hits the tree, the tree will disappear)

5. The mouse wheel can adjust the viewing angle distance, and you can see the entire universe when you pull it to the farthest viewing angle.

6. On any Black Friday, after playing the third movement of “Sorrow” with the keyboard, pull the camera to the farthest distance, and you will find that the entire universe will flicker for you.

7. In the game, the 16 keys from “Z” to “,” and “A” to “K” on the keyboard represent 16 notes. Pressing the notes in a certain order will generate specific instructions. One command can unlock the extra 8 notes from “Q” to “I”.


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