Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword game cheats

Turn on cheat mode

Run the game => Configure => Enables Cheats
The corresponding effect can be obtained by pressing the following key combinations in the designated interface of the game:

Cheats Function User Interface
[Ctrl] + X +1,000 gold coins (one time) Warehouse (item purchase) interface
[Ctrl] + X +1,000 experience (once) character interface
[Ctrl] + W All weapons proficiency increased. Character interface
[Ctrl] + X Upgrade selected units (once) troops
[Ctrl] + [Left mouse button] Select prisoners or troops and place them in the castle
[Ctrl] + T Display all traces and all troops on the map (the map is all bright) Map
[Ctrl] + [Left mouse button] Send map
[Ctrl] + [Space] Time lost quickly Map
[Ctrl] + H Life Recovery Fight
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + H Mount life regained combat
[Ctrl] + J Rein to fight
[Ctrl] + V Find your own troops instantly, fight
[Ctrl] + [F3] stun yourself, fight
[Ctrl] + [F4] stun the enemy, fight
[Ctrl] + [F6] Stun allies, fight
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F4] All enemies are fainted in battle
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F4] Inflict bludgeoning damage to all enemies. Combat
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F6] Inflict bludgeoning damage to all allies. Combat
[Ctrl] + [F5] AI takes over your character (automatic attack) battle
[Ctrl] + [F9] On/Off slow motion
[Ctrl] + [F11] Pause the game

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