Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord game cheats


Console download address: click to enter

Allows you to open the developer console by pressing the CTRL and ~ (tilde) keys together.

How to turn on cheating mode

C:\Users\system username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\


rgl_config.txt (non-WIN10 system in my file)

cheat_mode = 0 changed to cheat_mode = 1

Note that the right mouse button property removes the read-only property

The game comes with cheating function

Ctrl + Left Click-Hold down Ctrl and click any point on the map to send

Ctrl + H-the protagonist is full of blood

CTRL + Shift + H-the protagonist is full of blood

Ctrl + F4-stun an enemy on the battlefield

Ctrl + Shift + F4-stun all enemies on the battlefield

Console code


Unlock all accessories in forging

campaign.add_gold_to_hero number

Get the specified number of dinars

campaign.add_renown_to_clan number

Gain a specified number of prestige

campaign.add_influence number

Gain a specified number of influence


Get all favorability of 100 [all for all NPCs can also specify the name of a certain NPC]


Randomly get a companion NPC [Reusable]

campaign.add_skill_xp_to_hero skill name experience NPC name

Enter this command and press Enter directly to make all the protagonist’s skills full level [you can also specify a certain skill name, experience value, and the name of the NPC (the protagonist name is also acceptable)]

One-Handed OneHanded Two-Handed TwoHanded Polearm Polearm

Bow Bow Crossbow Throwing

Riding Riding Running Athletics Smithing

Scouting Tactics Roguery Roguery

Charm Dominates Leadership Trading Trade

Management Steward Medical Technology Medicine Engineering Engineering

campaign.give_troops 100 units

Get 100 arms [Enter the specified arms code and then the quantity]

campaign.give_troops_xp number

The entire team gets a specified number of experience points [each unit can get a specified number of experience]

Full-level arms codes of all forces

It’s a pity that sword_sister has retained the special arms from the first generation, only level 4.

Imperial Legion Infantry imperial_legionary level 5

Imperial elite armored cavalry imperial_elite_cataphract level 6

Imperial Elite Double Blade Lancer imperial_elite_menavliaton level 5

Imperial Palatine Guard imperial_palatine_guard Level 5 Archer (This unit is not Chinese)

Imperial Bucellarii bucellarii Tier 5 Archer (this one is not Chinese)

Imperial Crossbowman Sergeant imperial_sergeant_crossbowman level 5

Khuzait_khans_guard level 6

Khuzait Heavy Horse Archer khuzait_heavy_horse_archer Level 5

Khuzait Heavy Lancer khuzait_heavy_lancer level 5

Khuzait Marksman khuzait_marksman level 5

Khuzait_darkhan level 5

Elder Karakhuzaits_tier_3 Level 5

Sturgia elite guard cavalry druzhinnik_champion level 6

Sturgian Shock Troop sturgian_shock_troop level 5

Sturgian_veteran_warrior level 5

Sturgian Wolfhednar Warrior sturgian_ulfhednar Level 5

Sturgian_horse_raider level 5

Sturgian Veteran Bowman sturgian_veteran_bowman level 5

Valandian Square Banner Knight vlandian_banner_knight Level 6

Vallandia sharpshooter vlandian_sharpshooter level 5

Valandian Axe Lancer vlandian_voulgier level 5

Vlandian Pikeman vlandian_pikeman Level 5

Vanguard Cavalry vlandian_vanguard Level 5

Valandian runner-up vlandian_sergeant level 5

Aserai Vanguard Cavalry aserai_vanguard_faris Level 6

Bedouin rider mp_light_cavalry_aserai_troop level 5

Shadow Palace Guard beni_zilal_tier_3 Level 5

Aserai Elite Archer aserai_master_archer Level 5

Aserai Senior Infantry aserai_veteran_infantry Level 5

Aserai Mameluke Heavy Cavalry aserai_mameluke_heavy_cavalry level 5

Mamluke_palace_guard level 5

Battanian Elite Fiona Warriors battanian_fian_champion level 6

Battanian Skilled Spearmen battanian_oathsworn level 5

Battanian horseman battanian_horseman level 5

Battanian Veteran Scythe battanian_veteran_falxman level 5

Battanian Wildling battanian_wildling level 5

Battanian Mounted Skirmisher battanian_mounted_skirmisher level 5


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