Mortyr 2093-1944 game cheats

Mortyr 2093 1944 game cheats

Mortyr 2093-1944 game cheats

Press ~ in the game to open the console and enter the following cheats:

.did⇒Display frame
.diz⇒Close frame
.jt #⇒Jumping Cheats (# is a number)
allit⇒Get all items, weapons, ammunition
gimme all⇒Get all items, weapons, ammunition
megaboss ⇒ survivability
Cheats added:

.prezes⇒Invincible mode
.wp⇒Get all items and weapons
.gt or .goto [level number xx]⇒ skip level
aim off⇒Turn off automatic aiming
aim on⇒Enable automatic aiming
Levels (to be used with the cheats for jumping levels):

Code ⇒ level
41⇒First Steps
01⇒Outer Citadel
30⇒Through the Citadel
10⇒Middle Castle
33⇒In the Middle of the Castle
11⇒The Cathedral
34⇒The Darker Cathedral
12⇒The Cemetary
13⇒The High Castle
14⇒The Castle Cathedral
17⇒The Factory
35⇒The Machine Park
07⇒The Train Station
08⇒U-Boat Bunker
32⇒U-Boat Pen
06⇒V2 Factory
09⇒City Ruins
24⇒The Duel
15⇒The Time Machine
02⇒The Future Time Machine
28⇒Time Machi ne Facility
05⇒Underground Channels
31⇒The Sewers
03⇒Droid Factory
19⇒Computing Center
04⇒City in the Clouds
16⇒The Spaceport
29⇒Docking Bay 94
23⇒The Flying Fortress

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