Mordhau game cheats

adminlogin <password>-Enter the password to log in to the server administrator

Adminlist-the administrator list of the server

Adminadd <STEAMID> – add administrator

Removeadmin <STEAMID> – remove administrator

Changelevel <map name> – change map

restartlevel-reset round

Addbots <INTEGER> – add Bots

Removebots <INTEGER> – remove Bots

Playerlist-to query the player ID, remember to double-click ~ to open the full console, after inputting, the player name and its corresponding number will appear, which can solve the situation of not knowing how to play the opponent’s name and kick people faster

Kick <USER NAME/ ID / STEAMID>-kick the player

Ban <USER NAME / ID/ STEAMID)-Lock out the player

Unban <USER NAME / ID / STEAMID) – Unban

Banlist-blacklist, a list of locked players

Exit – close the game

disconnect-leave the current server and return to the lobby

Demorec name – create archives, record demo

Demostop-stop recording

Demoplay name  – show recording file

Stat FPS-Display FPS

Slomo <VALUE>-Change the speed of the game. For example, 0.8 will make it reach 80%, while using 3 will triple the speed.

Playersonly-Single player limit, freeze all robots in the level (not tested)

Changesize x-Single player limit, change the character size (not tested)

M.showcrosshair 0-close crosshair

M.inverseattackdirection 1 – This inverts the attack direction


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