Mob Rule game cheats

Mob Rule game cheats

Mob Rule game cheats

Enter the following password when selecting the team color, and then press [Enter]. If you hear a click, it means success, press C to turn on or off the secret function (Note: you must re-enter the secret skill every time you play):
worker928⇒Able to hire workers at any time
weapons563⇒All weapons
tenants872⇒You can select tenants anytime
loans458⇒Unlimited bank loans
estates216⇒Can buy any land
houses462⇒Can buy any house
build830⇒Quick construction
gadgets215⇒All gadgets
upgrade934⇒Upgrade now
maps029⇒All maps
speed364⇒Increase in online mode game speed
Note: All secret skills are recorded in the game directory datatext.tai.

Money problem

Money in the game is the most important thing. Because the money in the game can be brought to the next level, before attacking the enemy’s headquarters, you should replace the all-in-one selling points you can sell with cash. In addition, you can have 10 or so repair workers, and then go to occupy someone else’s property. When he comes to attack you, you can immediately turn to occupy another one, and repeat this way until all is occupied. Before attacking the enemy headquarters at the end of each level, send your four killers (preferably equipped with submachine guns) to kill all the enemy people (the enemy headquarters turns gray), then occupy all his buildings and adjust the game time to The fastest, with this method, 15 million gold coins were earned in the first level.


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