Minecraft game invincible cheats

Minecraft game invincible cheats

Minecraft game invincible cheats:
Open the creation first and then enter /gamemode 0 (in order to be able to enter commands)
1. Press t and then lose/gamemode 1 you will become a creative and fly to other places
2, input back
3. Enter give your name and the code of the thing (for example, 137 is the command block) quantity
4. Tune into peace.

Minecraft game instructions:
Hcharger_hs_training ⇒ map building command map charger_hs_training
Witch_crown⇒map instruction map witch_training
Suvi8 map creation command⇒map suvi8
1/register XXX XXX⇒ is the password to register an account
/Login XXX XXX⇒ is the password login account
/Changepassword ⇒Old password New password Change password
About home and delivery
/Spawn ⇒ teleport to the main city
/Back ⇒ teleport to the dead point or the last teleport point
/Sethome ⇒Set (home)
/Home ⇒Send to (home)
/Myspawn ⇒ Back to the bed
/Tpa XX ⇒ teleport to the player (player’s consent required)
/Tpaccept ⇒The player agrees to teleport
About territory and protection
/Res create ⇒Domain name Create a territory
/Res remove ⇒Domain name delete territory
/Res PSet ⇒ apartment name player name true give other players permission to protect the area
/Res tp ⇒Area name Send to a protected area
[Private] Items are locked
put the wooden sign in front of the box and enter:
The first line: [Private]
Second line: empty
Third line: Other people who can use this box
Fourth line: Other people who can use this box
Using this method, you can also lock doors and coal stoves, etc.
Ps: Regarding how to create a protected area, please follow the Toad Server Protected Area setting video
About team formation and competition
/Party ⇒Name Create or join a party
/Party q ⇒Leave the party
/Invier ⇒Name invite players to team up
/Accept ⇒ accept the invitation
/Ptp ⇒Name Move to teammate
/P xx ⇒Team chat
/Fight⇒ enter the arena
/Fight leave ⇒Leave the competition
About system secret
/Money ⇒Check your own money
/Psy ⇒Name Money Amount Give money to others
/Stats ⇒Check your own skills
/Mctop ⇒View the total ranking of server skills
/Mctop xxx ⇒View the ranking of a certain skill server
/List ⇒Check the number of people online or use the [Tab] button

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