“Might and Magic 9” Dragon Slaying Strategy

There is a dragon slaying mission in “Might and Magic 9”, but the dragon king in Lindisfar may actually be invincible because of:

   1. Super long vitality, up to 39,000 points, our life can be more than one thousand even if it is long!

   2. Super strong attack power, generally can kill us hundreds of points in one shot, and we also use the best armor and various protection magic.

3. Super high defense power. We use the best weapons and ultimate magic to attack. Generally, we can only kill the dragon for dozens of lives (think about it, that dragon has nearly 40,000 lives. ), and often missed!

4. The most abnormal thing is that the dragon’s life recovery speed is so fast. I once went to destroy the dragon, and finally killed him by a thousand points, and took a breath (taking medicine, medical treatment, etc., because of my team Has been destroyed to see God), the dragon’s life was restored by 500 points! ! !

   In summary, the task of slaying the dragon is actually an impossible task. I used to have an average of 150 in the team (high enough), various martial arts have been trained to the top (all transferred to the second level), equipped with various sets of artifacts to destroy the dragon, the result… …Horrible.

   But in order to complete this impossible task, the game has set a trick (I always think this is not a bug, but a special setting to complete this task), the announcement is as follows:

After rushing into the dragon’s lair, go straight to the Dragon King, and when you are able to fight hand-to-hand, immediately switch to turn-based combat, and then perform melee combat (do not use magic attacks, you can only use the left mouse button for melee attacks!!!), hehe, You will find that your hero will stop attacking (ah, isn’t that looking for death?!), and the dragon will stop attacking, but! ! ! The NPC you invite can still attack (you won’t even invite an NPC), and it will attack continuously (there is no more time to recover after an attack). Your NPC keeps beating that silly dragon…

Hint, because the dragon’s defensive ability is still there, your NPC’s hit rate is extremely low, and the lethality is extremely low. You will definitely not be able to kill the silly dragon in less than one or two hours. If you click with the mouse, you may be Use a mouse immediately (it is very likely that your fingers are also cramped) and tell you a good way: take a good book, find a heavy object, press the left mouse button with the heavy object, and then you will decide Learn to read the book for an hour or two, the Dragon King was destroyed by you like this.

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