Might and Magic 7 For Blood and Honor game cheats

Might and Magic 7 For Blood and Honor game cheats

Might and Magic 7 For Blood and Honor game cheats

Earn more experience points:

After killing a high-level monster (such as a dragon), use paralyze magic on the monster’s corpse to resurrect it, and then kill it (the life value of the rescued dragon is very low, and it is easy to be confused) Once again gain experience points, repeated use of this trick, experience points will increase rapidly.

Get more items from the dead dragon:

At the beginning of the game, the player can get many things from the red dragon that was killed. Click the mouse (with a ticking sound) on the body of the dead red dragon to get the item. If the red dragon does not disappear from the screen, save it. Then click the red dragon again and save again. If the body of the dragon disappears after clicking the red dragon, read and save it and click again. Repeat the above steps many times, until you think you have enough strength to challenge.

How to get a lot of money:

When you get the magic book, go to Harmondale (shop head) to sell it, then go to arbiter (arbitration agency) and click “I lost it” to get one again. Go outside and throw it away, then come in and repeat the steps just now to get another copy. Keep repeating until you think it’s enough to pick up the book you throw away, keep one copy for use, and sell the rest. (It’s best to trade with a big trader, you can sell it at a good price)

Unlimited access to wine barrels and gold coins

In the wall of fog, the barrels and gold coins in the middle door can be obtained unlimited times as long as they come out of the wall of fog and go in!

Skill value, money, experience skyrocketing method:

First let the priest learn the master-class anti-magic thaumaturgy, and then go to the giant’s territory to drink the water from the well. First put an anti-magic thaumaturgy and then drink it madly at the well. As long as you are willing to drink, you can have as much skill value as you want. It is not a problem to get hundreds of millions of money 🙂 (Note: After a certain round of anti-magic thaumaturgy, there will be no, just put another one, otherwise…)

Potion formula method:

Normal Level Potions …

Red Potion = Cure Wounds

Yellow Potion = Cure Weekness

Blue Potion = Magic Potion

Red + Yellow = Cure Disease (Orange)

Red + Blue = Cure Poison (Purple)

Yellow + Blue = Awaken (Green) Expert Level Potions …

Green + Blue = Recharge Item (Green/Blue)

Green + Yellow = Harden Item (Green/Yellow)

Green + Red = Bless (Green/Red)

Green + Orange = Cure Insanity (Green/Orange)

Green + Purple = Remove Curse (Green/Purple)

Orange + Red = Haste (Orange/Red)

Orange + Yellow = Stone Skin (Orange/Yellow)

Orange + Blue = Preservation (Orange/Blue)

Orange + Purple = Remove Fear (Orange/Purple)

Purple + Red = Heroism (Purple/Red)

Purple + Yellow = Water Breathing (Purple/Yellow)

Purple + Blue = Shield (Purple/Blue) Master Level Potions …

Green/Blue + Orange = Noxious Potion (White)

Green/Blue + Green = Personality Boost (White)

Green/Blue + Purple = Swift Potion (White)

Green/Blue + Green/Yellow = Divine Power (White)

Green/Blue + Orange/Red = Divine Restoration (White)

Green/Blue + Orange/Yellow = Body Resistance (White)

Green/Blue + Purple/Red = Mind Resistance (White)

Green/Yellow + Orange = Cure Paralysis (White)

Green/Yellow + Green = Intellect Boost (White)

Green/Yellow + Purple = Noxious Potion (White)

Green/Yellow + Orange/Red = Fire Resistance (White)

Green/Yellow + Purple/Red = Divine Restoration (White)

Green/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Water Resistance (White)

Orange/Red + Orange = Speed Boost (White)

Orange/Red + Green = Flaming Potion (White)

Orange/Red + Purple = Shocking Potion (White)

Orange/Red + Orange/Yellow = Divine Cure (White)

Orange/Red + Purple/Blue = Air Resistance (White)

Orange/Yellow + Orange = Accuracy Boost (White)

Orange/Yellow + Green = Cure Paralysis (White)

Orange/Yellow + Purple = Flaming Potion (White)

Orange/Yellow + Purple/Red = Earth Resistance (White)

Orange/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Divine Restoration (White)

Purple/Red + Orange = Shocking Potion (White)

Purple/Red + Green = Freezing Potion (White)

Purple/Red + Purple = Might Boost (White)

Purple/Red + Purple/Blue = Luck Boost (White)

Purple/Blue + Orange = Freezing Potion (White)

Purple/Blue + Green = Swift Potion (White)

Purple/Blue + Purple = Endurance Boost (White) Grand Master Level Potions …

Orange/Yellow + Orange + Green = Pure Accuracy (Black)

Green/blue + Green + Purple = Pure Personality (Black)

Green/Yellow + Green + Orange = Pure Intellect (Black)

Orange/Red + Orange + Purple = Pure Speed (Black)

Purple/Red + Purple + Orange = Pure Might (Black)

Purple/Red + Purple/Blue + ??? = Pure Luck (Black)

Purple/Blue + Purple + Green = Pure Endurance (Black)




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