Might and Magic 6 The Mandate of Heaven game cheats

Might and Magic 6 The Mandate of Heaven game cheats

Might and Magic 6 The Mandate of Heaven game cheats

In the game, press the W key and enter the following numbers and press Enter.
1~14: Various weapons houses⇒15~28: Various armor houses⇒29~41: Various magic accessories houses
42~47: Various grocery stores ⇒ 48~56: Various post stations ⇒ 57~68: Various ship bosses
69~78: Various temples⇒79~88: Various training halls⇒89~112: Various hotels
113~118: Various banks⇒119~140: Various schools of magic ⇒141~152: Town halls and guilds
169: Prophet ⇒ 170: Divine Envoy ⇒ 255: Join the Dark Cult
268: Join the Protector’s Guild⇒258: Join the Smugglers Guild⇒274: Join the Ultimate Blade
278: Join the Elemental Sect ⇒ 287: Join the Double-Sided Blade’s Guild ⇒ 288: Join the Blazing Sect
289: Join the Air Sect ⇒ 290: Join the Flowing Water Sect ⇒ 291: Join the Earth Sect
292: Join the Soul Sect ⇒293: Join the Mind Sect ⇒294: Join the Body Sect
369: Join the ego sect ⇒367: Join the Illuminati sect ⇒457: Join the pirate guild
438: Bow and Arrow Expert ⇒ 241: Bow and Arrow Master ⇒ 428: Sword Expert
250: Sword Master ⇒ 322: Knife (Dagger) Expert ⇒ 271: Sword Master
461: Spear Expert ⇒ 339: Spear Master ⇒ 340: Axe Expert
270: Hammer Expert ⇒ 252: Hammer Master ⇒ 460: Stick Expert
434: Shield Expert⇒248: Shield Master⇒435: Leather Armor Expert
272: Leather Armor Master⇒414: Mail Armor Expert⇒335: Mail Armor Master
298: Steel Armor Expert ⇒ 299: Steel Armor Master ⇒ 239: Light Magic Expert
444: Master of Light Magic ⇒ 273: Expert of Dark Magic ⇒ 216: Master of Dark Magic
465: Fire Magic Expert ⇒ 455: Fire Magic Master ⇒ 477: Flowing Water Magic Expert
459: Water Magic Master ⇒ 466: Earth Magic Expert ⇒ 396: Earth Magic Master
326: Air Magic Expert ⇒458: Air Magic Master ⇒467: Soul Magic Expert
426: Master of Soul Magic ⇒468: Expert of Mind Magic ⇒401: Master of Mind Magic
469: Body Magic Expert ⇒ 402: Body Magic Master ⇒ 478: Ancient Weapon Expert
462 Repair Expert ⇒ 277: Repair Master ⇒ 408: Meditation Expert
456: Meditation Master⇒440 Fitness Expert⇒284: Fitness Master
429: Expert of Appraisal ⇒285: Master of Appraisal ⇒424: Expert of Study
407: Master of Learning Technique ⇒430: Expert of Disassembly Technique ⇒275: Master of Disassembly Technique
303: Management Skills Expert⇒397: Management Skills Master⇒415: Insight Skills Expert
336: Master of Insight ⇒ 304: Expert of Communication ⇒ 276: Master of Communication

Unlimited experience

At the Temple of Fire east of Bootleg Bay, as soon as you enter the door to the left, you can see the stone statue of Fire of Lord on the wall. When you complete the Quest and return to the report, you can see that the Quest will not disappear. At this time, you can keep pressing It will always give you experience points, but as long as you leave, it will be useless to come again.

Unlimited money

As long as you complete the task of Dragonsand’s Treasure, that is, as long as you find fifteen pillars distributed in various places, you will be informed that one of the stones in the northeast of Dragonsand is a treasure chest. Opening this treasure chest will give you 250,000 Gold. There are 3 Artifacts and 2 Ultimate Spellbooks in the treasure chest, but as long as you open it again, you will be given 250,000 Gold, unlimited times.

First, you must complete Obelisk’s task, copy the text on Obelisk and interpret it. These Obelisks are distributed on fifteen maps on the Enoch continent, each with one piece. You can fly to Obelisk’s location on the map by flying, but some locations have to be reached by boat. When the fifteen Obelisks in all areas have arrived and read, you can go to find the ultimate treasure in Dragonsand. There is a strange stone formation in the northwest of the map. The middle stone is where the treasure is located. Open it and you can find 250,000gp As well as some high-level magic items, this treasure chest can also be taken repeatedly until your hands are soft.

Top grade

Once you use the above methods to earn enough money and experience points, going to the Ironfist training ground will allow you to reach the highest level.

Use money to buy experience points

I heard that Kriegspire has a well where you can buy experience points with Gold.

Strategies to Control the Enemy

Use “RING OF FIRE” to burn the enemy behind the door, you can use WIZARD EYES to see the enemy behind the door, keep a safe distance, and use the “SHOOT” arrow to shoot through the door to the enemy.

Items in the shop

As long as it is re-read, everything in the store will be updated.

Skill learning

In Might and Magic VI, because of the professional relationship, each character has some skills that cannot be learned. For example, priests cannot learn sword and axe skills, while wizards cannot wear PLATE MAIL-level armor. But the kind union service staff is only due to higher-level regulations, so you won’t let your role learn. So when you arrive at a union, if he says that he doesn’t have any skills to learn, you just have to click in the area where the skills are usually listed. If you hear the sound of spending money, it means you have learned. Skills that the character can’t use anymore.



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