Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra game cheats


Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra game cheats

Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra game cheats

Tips collection

(1) Use “Golden Coins of Good Luck” in cult forbidden areas to improve attributes.

(2) Rainbow Fort is south of Batu Fort.

(3) Don’t open the underground treasure chest of Yinfeng Fort, otherwise people and wealth will be empty.

(4) The mechanism that raised the sunken island can be found in the main control room. The spring water on the island can eliminate abnormal aging.

(5) When fighting an enemy in close quarters, just press the-key on the keypad to transform the monster. There are more than 90 kinds of monsters, all at a glance.

(6) 2 million in money.

Go to the Dimensional Mirror and type “Boldly Mix into the Dragon’s Cave” (294 203 CJP4 RUP4 XJ/6VM96) (DOE MEISIER) to enter the Dragon’s Cave Chamber, where there are 2 million gold coins. Ask the wizard to help you when you leave.

(7) The last god orb

Type “ORB MEISTER” in the Dimension Mirror, you can enter the secret room of the back cargo hold and get the last one.

(8) Instant blasting password

Type in the password “BLASTOFF” (BLASTOFF) to instantly explode.

(9) How to obtain the password

After winning 6 games in the arena, you can get a password, get inexhaustible treasures, and see the production staff.

Enter the following cheats in the Dimension Mirror:
Cheats function
home baywatch arrives at Fountain Head
freeman arrives at Seadog Wildbar
doomed arrive at Swamp Town
red hot arrives at Blistering Heights
the arena arrive at The Arena
doe miester 2000000
orb miester Ultimate power orb
645 Show start animation
231 Show last animation
blastoff end scene
Invincible modification:

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier

Modify MM3B.EXE, change 29 BC 27 01 at SECT 0492, DISP 0373-0376 to 90 90 90 90, the magic points will not decrease.

Change the 80 80 90 90 at SECT 0509 and DISP 0054-0057 to 90 90 90 90, and the additional magic of the item will not be reduced.

Change the FF 0E 74 0B at SECT 0401 and DISP 0479-0482 to 90 90 90 90, and the food will not be reduced.

Parameter modification:

Modify SAVE0? .MM3, look for E2 01, offset 297 bytes forward, start the calculation here:

D00: Character name; D20: Strength; D20: Intelligence; D24: Personality; D26: Constitution; D28: Speed; D30: Accuracy; D32: Luck; D263: Fire resistance; D265: Cold resistance; D267: Electric resistance; D269 : Poison resistance; D271: resistance; D273: magic resistance; D293: life points; D295: magic points; D299: experience points.

Bank gold coin deposit: S0023, DISP0133-0136;

Bank gem deposit: S0023, DISP0137-0140;

Pocket gold coin deposit: S0023, DISP0141-0144;

The number of pocket gems: S0023, DISP0145-0148.

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