Midtown Madness game cheats

Midtown Madness game cheats

Midtown Madness game cheats

Use the following cheats as the character name

Showme Cops⇒Show all police officers on the map [Note]
Big Bus Party⇒All cars become buses [Note]
Tiny Car⇒All cars become small cars [Note]
Jet Planes⇒All cars become planes [Note]
Warp Eleven⇒Ten times AI (speed) [Note]
amizdA eoJ⇒All vehicles on the road turn their heads upside down
vacompact⇒Choose VW Bug to drive VW Rabbit
(Cruise mode, the same below)
vavan⇒Choose Ford f350 driveable van
vapickup⇒choose Ford f350 driveable pickup
vadelivery⇒Choose Ford f350 driveable delivery truck
valimo⇒Choose Mustang GT driveable random luxury car
valimoblack⇒Choose Mustang GT driveable black luxury car
valimoangel⇒Choose Mustang GT to drive a white luxury car
vasedans⇒Choose Cadillac driveable General Motors
vataxi⇒Choose Cadillac to drive yellow taxi
vataxicheck⇒Choose Cadillac to drive green checkered taxi
vabus⇒choose city bus to drive another color city bus
vadiesels⇒Choose city bus, driveable diesel car
vaboeing_small⇒Choose city bus, driveable, small jet
vasedanl⇒Choose Bullet drivable general light car
Game cheats

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [F7] in single player mode. When prompted, enter the following cheats:

/nodamage⇒The car will not be damaged [Note]
/damage⇒The car will be damaged
/fuzz⇒Police Radar On/Off [Note]
/bridge⇒The bridge rises and falls very quickly [Note]
/slide⇒There is no friction between the surrounding vehicles and the road [Note]
/puck⇒The player’s vehicle has no friction with the road [Note]
/grav⇒Gravity is halved [Note]
/postal⇒Having the horn will hit the fuel tank [Note]
/ufo⇒Aircraft becomes UFO
/swap⇒The train becomes a 737 airplane
/dizzy⇒Sky rotation
/talkfast⇒Comments become faster
/talkslow⇒Slow comments
/big⇒Pedestrian becomes bigger
/tiny⇒Pedestrians become smaller
/nosmoke⇒Smokeless tires
/smoke⇒Smoky tires
Note: Points will be cleared after using this cheat

All tracks and vehicles

Use the following command line to start the game> (e.g. C:GamesMidtownmidtown.exe -parameter)

-allcars⇒All vehicles
-allrace⇒All tracks
-allcars -allrace⇒All tracks and vehicles

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