Metal Wolf Chaos game cheats

Metal Wolf Chaos game cheats

Metal Wolf Chaos game cheats

How to increase the level:

Return to the main menu of the game when there is a higher-level battlefield record, and then choose to restart the game, you will find that the fighter level will be exactly the same as the level recorded on the higher-level battlefield.

Avoid bullet methods:

When you see a shot in battle, just press the [Esc] key twice, the bullet will disappear and the attack will be invalidated. The same applies to friendly forces.

Companions who join in the middle of the game or use thin-armored fighters are often killed by the enemy and are not easy to upgrade. Now, as long as the game animation is turned on, press ESC to skip the animation before being hit by the bullet and will not be injured. Now you don’t have to worry about the friendly forces you want to protect or weaker companions being killed, you can also make the enemy and friendly forces unable to fight each other, staying and increasing your experience points.

Unlimited number of moves

Select the character to be moved (the one that has been moved), press [Enter] to display the attributes, and then press [Enter] to return to the standby state, and press the S key. After moving to a place where there is no shadow, press the Esc key, and then this character This round can move multiple times.

Infinite number of moves 2

Move the square to the bottom of the character, press the S key, a movable square will appear, and you can move infinitely after moving.

Ways to control enemy and friendly forces:

Use the method of unlimited number of moves: Make one of the characters move several times, and then you can move the enemy and allies. Otherwise the game will return to DOS.

Can skip a round:

On the battlefield screen, select any soldier that is controlled by our side but has not acted before, open the unit command and enter ming

Methods to kill enemies in this level:

In the battle screen, select any robot that has not acted before, open the unit command, and enter mini to kill all enemies on the battlefield.

Quick upgrade method:

In the battle screen, after opening the overall command, input mini to make our robot level 99.

How to increase money:

On the equipment screen, when the merchant appears, enter mini on the equipment option to increase our money to 10 million, and the menus for all weapons appear.

Modify money

Modify GAME00? .SAV (? represents the archive number, the value range is from 0 to 9), modify the DISP 0372 to DISP 0375 of SECT 0000, and change it to FF FF FF 02.

Modify equipment

Modify GAME00? .SAV (? represents the archive number, the value range is from 0 to 9), modify DISP 0072 of SECT 0001 to DISP 0048 of SECT 0002, starting from DISP 0072, change every 4 digits to 63 (that is, DISP 0072, DISP 0076, DISP 008 0……). After entering the game in this way, there are 99 items for each item.


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