Mega Man X4 game cheats

Mega Man X4 game cheats

Mega Man X4 game cheats

Black Zero

Press the up and shooting keys to select a character, you can change the color of Zero to black.

Super Rockman X

You can change the color of Rockman X by pressing down and shooting keys to select a character. At the beginning, it will be super strong as soon as the body equipment is obtained for the purple.

Ultimate armor

When you select Rockman X, press and shoot button, as long as you get one piece of armor, you can get the ultimate armor.

Special accessories for hands

On the thorny part just above the back of the eagle level, use the spider web to get the special hand accessories.

Ultimate armor

At the place of selection, hold down the key and press Enter, and then go to one of the four equipment.


Press and hold “Down” to select a person to get a complete set of armor-the blue Megaman will turn dark purple, and the red Megaman will turn black. Then you will succeed!



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