Mega Man X game cheats

Mega Man X game cheats

Mega Man X game cheats

Parameter modification

Save the progress in progress one, modify the file MMX?GMX in the MMX subdirectory, and the parameter address is as follows:

Number of people: SECT 0000, DISP 0013, can be changed to 0A;

Armor: SECT 0000, DISP 0017, can be changed to 0F;

Heart: SECT 0000, DISP 0023, can be changed to FF;

Energy: SECT 0000, DISP 0027, can be changed to 01;

The last level: SECT 0000, DISP 0019 to 0020, can be changed to FF 01.

Hidden equipment

There is a high tower at Eagle Pass. Climb up from the left and then slide down from the right. Jump over with a big jump. You will see several things similar to oxygen cylinders. After breaking them, you can find the helmet given by the doctor. Break through small stones and protect your head.

In the level of the elephant, there is a fire column in the middle section. Stand in the first square, then use the gliding jump method and the helmet to break the small stones and go up to get the gloves. With the gloves, you can gather the air to the highest point. Issue special moves.

In the rockfall area in the lizard level, before entering, slide and jump first, climb the rock wall upwards, and defeat the guard robot after entering to obtain armor. Armor can reduce the enemy’s attack power by 50%.


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