Mega Man 5 game cheats

Mega Man 5 game cheats

Mega Man 5 game cheats

Secret technique

The strongest password: * represents a space.






Secret Skill Two

Up 2 down, down 9 down = X: Ultimate armor

Down 2 down, up 9 down = Z: Black Jello

Get the ultimate armor and black Jello

There is an ascending and descending step that will not fall in the middle of Sigma Area 3. You will see a capsule when you slide down to the right (X must arrive without armor).

Red Jello Knife
Get the parts de-bomb and beam knife booster to install on Jello, and Jello will have the red beam knife.

Modifier modified code:

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier


8005A7A0 0035

HP is not reduced

D008B8B6 0083 3008B8B6 0080

Only count

D00DAA3C 0007 800E9378 0000



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