Medieval 2: Total War game cheats

1. Increase urban population:

<> is the city name and number


2. Assign any characteristic of the faction to a general:

<> is the character name, feature name and level


3. Automatically build the production queue of buildings in the city:

complete the building in the waiting column, <> is the city name


4. Get a specified amount of money:

<> is the amount of money


5, turn on/off the fog of war


6, press Auto Retaliate to automatically win the next battle

Please enter on the battle surface, the name of the attacker and the defender are in <>


Select a city or army, open the console, and enter the following password

rogan gets Elephant Artillery (Elephant Artillery)

vindaloo gets Elephant Rocketeer (Elephant Rocketeer)

madras get Elephants (musket elephant)

istanbul gets Mercenary Monster Bombard (Super Cannon)

george gets Mercenary Monster Ribault (Organ Cannon)

houston got Mercenary Rocket Launcher

Unlock all factions

Find the \data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign directory under the installation directory, you can see a file called descr_strat. Open it with Notepad. You can see some content marked unlockable and some content marked playable. Cut (not copy) the unlockable content into the playable content and save it.

So all factions have been unlocked.

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