Max Payne game cheats

Max Payne game cheats

Max Payne game cheats

Use the command line “-developer” to start the game

For example: “C:\Program Files\Max Payne\maxpayne.exe” -developer”

Press [F12] in the game and enter the following cheats:

effect Cheats
Invincible mode god
Exit invincible mode mortal
All weapons getallweapons
Unlimited ammo getinfiniteammo
Debug mode coder
Through the wall mode noclip
Exit through wall mode noclip_off
frame showfps
Fill up when time runs out getbullettime
Get a baseball bat getbaseballbat
Barretta (full ammunition) getberetta
Beretta (full ammunition) getdualberetta
Short gun (full ammunition) getsawedshotgun
Short gun (full ammunition) getpumpshotgun
Desert Eagle (full ammunition) getdeserteagle
Ingram (full ammunition) getingram
Double Ingram (full ammunition) getdualingram
TMP5 (full ammunition) getmp5
Colt automatic rifle (full ammunition) getcoltcommando
Jackhammer (full ammunition) getjackhammer
M-79 (full ammunition) getm79
Sniper rifle (full ammunition) getsniper
Molotov cocktail getmolotov
Grenade getgrenade
Get hemostatic agent/td> getpainkillers
Plus health gethealth
add blood c_addhealth[number]
Set jump height jump[number]
Walking like a wound setwoundedstate
Walk normally setnormalstate
Mysterious ending maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );


Other cheats

Use the command line “-developerkeys” to start the game

“For example”: C:\Program Files\Max Payne\maxpayne.exe” -developerkeys”

Press [F12] in the game to open the cheat mode:

Effect Cheats
Increase game speed [Home]
Slow down the game speed [End]
Normal game speed [Home] + [End]
Teleport to the next starting point [Insert]
Teleport to the previous starting point [Delete]
Switches AI Movement Network Conn Visualization [F7]
Switches AI movement Network Node Visualization [F8]
Attribute switch [F11]
Open the control panel [F12]
External camera left [Cursor Left]
External camera right [Cursor Right]
External camera forward [Cursor Up]
External camera backward [Cursor Down]


Other command lines:

Command Line Corresponding effect
-developerkeys In the game, you can press [F11] to view the role model, and you can change players with the PgUp and PgDown keys
-window Window mode
-screenshot Press [F10] to take a screenshot, and the picture will be saved in the “screenshot” directory of the game
-nodialog Skip the opening dialogue of the protagonist
-skipstartup Skip the opening animation.
-disable3dpreloads Disable 3D graphics

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