Max Payne 3 game cheats

Max Payne 3 game cheats

Max Payne 3 game cheats:
Use the command line “-developer” to start the game

For example: “C:\Program Files\Max Payne\maxpayne.exe” -developer”
Press [F12] in the game and enter the following cheats:

Function cheats

Invincible mode⇒god

Exit invincible mode ⇒ mortal

All weapons⇒getallweapons

Infinite ammo ⇒ getinfiniteammo

Debug mode⇒coder

Through the wall mode⇒noclip

Exit through wall mode ⇒ noclip_off


Fill up when time runs out⇒getbullettime

Get a baseball bat⇒getbaseballbat

Barretta (full ammunition) ⇒ getberetta

Beretta (full ammunition) ⇒ getdualberetta

Short gun (full ammunition)⇒getsawedshotgun

Short gun (full ammunition) ⇒ getpumPShotgun

Desert Eagle (full ammunition)⇒getdeserteagle

Ingram (full ammunition) ⇒ getingram

Double Ingram (full ammunition)⇒getdualingram

TMP5 (full ammo)⇒getmp5

Colt automatic rifle (full ammunition)⇒getcoltcommando

Jackhammer (full ammunition)⇒getjackhammer

M-79 (full ammunition) ⇒ getm79

Sniper rifle (full ammunition) ⇒ getsniper

Molotov cocktail ⇒ getmolotov

Grenade ⇒ getgrenade

Get hemostatic agent⇒getpainkillers

Increase health ⇒ gethealth

Increase blood⇒c_addhealth[number]

Set jump height⇒jump[number]

Walking as if injured ⇒ setwoundedstate

Normal walking⇒setnormalstate

Mysterious ending⇒maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );

Other cheats

Use the command line “-developerkeys” to start the game

“For example”: C:\Program Files\Max Payne\maxpayne.exe” -developerkeys”

Press [F12] in the game to open the cheat mode:

Function cheats

Increase game speed [Home]

Decrease game speed [End]

Normal game speed [Home] + [End]

Teleport to the next starting point [Insert]

Teleport to the previous starting point [Delete]

Switches AI Movement Network Conn Visualization[F7]

Switches AI movement Network Node Visualization[F8]

Property switch[F11]

Open the console [F12]

External camera left[Cursor Left]

External camera right[Cursor Right]

External camera forward[Cursor Up]

External camera backward[Cursor Down]
Other command lines:

Command line corresponding effect

-In the developerkeys game, you can press [F11] to view the character model, and use the PgUp and PgDown keys to change players

-window⇒window mode

-screenshot⇒Press [F10] to take a screenshot, and the picture will be saved in the “screenshot” directory of the game

-nodialog⇒Skip the beginning dialogue

-skipstartup⇒Skip the opening animation.

-disable3Dpreloads⇒Disable 3D graphics

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