Master of Orion 2 Battle at Antares game cheats

Master of Orion 2 Battle at Antares game cheats

Master of Orion 2 Battle at Antares game cheats

Hold [ALT] in the game and enter the following cheats

Cheats Effect
moola Add BC1000, but it will affect the results
menlo Complete the current research project
einstein Get all the technology (super advanced)
canbonly1 All computers become enemies
score Show game score
events Turn off random events
allai Increase AI
iseeall Show the entire galaxy (may have side effects)
crunch Complete the research and construction currently being done

Destroy the Guardian of Orion

There is a way to quickly destroy the Guardian of Orion:

  1. Design a low-defense spacecraft. The first weapon slot must be able to carry weapons that quickly reduce armor, such as Heavy Graviton Beams; the second weapon must be Ion Cannons, if You can use Hevymount if you haven’t upgraded to version 1.31); and produce as many of them as possible (especially gravity ray cannons).

2. Build as many spaceships as possible.

3. Fight with the guardian of Orion, first attack with gravity rays and then use atomic laser salvo, you can defeat him in the first round!

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