Master of Meteor Blades game cheats


Master of Meteor Blades game cheats

Master of Meteor Blades game cheats

Adding Cheats:
First: add characters: AI dagger

Second: Add NPC method: AI NPC09_02 (09_02 is the NPC number, which can be changed. For example, “AI NPC01_01”, see Appendix 2.)

Attachment 1: Character name (just enter the following cheats directly):

Cheats⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Corresponding character⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Weapon used
AI dagger⇒Lengyan⇒Dagger
AI sword⇒Lulxiangden⇒Sword
AI hammer⇒Wild Monk⇒Sledgehammer
AI blade⇒Ironbeard⇒Broad knife
AI lance⇒Gao Jiping⇒Long Spear
AI katana⇒Unnamed⇒Ninja sword
AI punch ⇒ old man ⇒ finger tiger
Attachment 2: The number of each npc (you can directly enter the following cheats):

Cheats ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒corresponding characters
AI NPC01_01⇒Iron Gun Sentry﹒ A
AI NPC01_02⇒Iron Gun Sentry﹒ B
AI NPC03_01⇒Bandit﹒ Iron beard
AI NPC03_02⇒Night Owl
AI NPC13_05⇒Night Owl
AI NPC03_03⇒Musket Sentry. A
AI NPC03_04 ⇒ Musket Sentry. B
AI NPC03_05 ⇒ Musket Sentry. C
AI NPC01_03⇒Sentinel Commander Gun
AI NPC03_06 ⇒ Swift Sword Sentry Commander
AI NPC04_01⇒Prime Guardian Chief
AI NPC05_08⇒Sword Guard
AI NPC05_07⇒Golden Gun Guard
AI NPC04_02⇒Golden Gun Guard. A
AI NPC15_04⇒Golden Gun Guard. A
AI NPC04_03⇒Golden Gun Guard. B
AI NPC15_05⇒Golden Gun Guard. B
AI NPC15_06⇒Golden Gun Guard. C
AI NPC15_07⇒Golden Gun Guard. Ding
AI NPC04_04⇒Fire Gun Soldier﹒ A
AI NPC04_05⇒Fire Gun Soldier﹒ B
AI NPC04_06⇒Guardian soldier. A
AI NPC04_07⇒Guardian soldier. B
AI NPC05_01⇒City Slaughter
AI NPC09_02⇒City Slaughter
AI NPC10_01⇒City Slaughter
AI NPC05_03⇒Masked Man. A
AI NPC05_04⇒Masked Man. B
AI NPC10_04⇒Masked Man. C
AI NPC10_05⇒Masked Man. Ding
AI NPC05_05⇒Wild Monk﹒ A
AI NPC05_06⇒Wild Monk﹒ B
AI NPC09_01⇒Lengyan
AI NPC13_01⇒Lengyan
AI NPC13_02⇒Head catching. Wang Qiang
AI NPC13_03⇒The gunman is bad. A
AI NPC13_04⇒The gunman is bad. B
AI NPC13_06⇒Official chaplain﹒ A
AI NPC13_07⇒Official post. B
AI NPC13_08⇒Official post. C
AI NPC14_01⇒Broadsword Sentry
AI NPC14_02⇒Iron Gun Sentry
AI NPC05_02⇒Unknown Killer
AI NPC05_09⇒Fan Xuan
AI NPC15_01⇒Xiao An
AI NPC15_08⇒Unnamed
AI NPC15_02⇒Left Guardian
AI NPC15_03⇒ Right Guardian
Note: Reasons for not being able to join:

1. Your game version problem

2. The command is wrong, the letters must be capitalized, and the spaces must not be less.

3. If it is connected to the Internet, the robot must be on the big map, and the small map must be patched.

4. Meng Xinghun cannot be added by this method.

5. In some mission maps, you can directly input AI to add people.


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