Mass Effect game cheats


Open cheats:
Note: Please make a backup before modifying the file
Find “BIOInput.ini” under “\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config” folder and edit directly with Notepad:
Find “[Engine.Console]” and add below
Save and re-enter the game

Game Cheats:
In this way, you can press ~ to open the console in the game:

Cheats Effect
givexp # Get experience value
giveall Obtain all weapons and modify item level 1-X
giveallarmor [name] Get armor
giveallomnitools [name] Obtain Omnitools (e.g. “Serrice”)
giveallbioamps [name] Get Bioamps (e.g. “Serrice”)
ghost Through the wall mode
fly Flight mode (up and down stairs)
walk Exit through wall mode and airplane mode
teleport Send to the designated location
setparagon # Set the moral (paraagon) value
setrenegade # Set the Renegate value
givetalentpoints # Set talent value
m_nMaxInventoryItems=9999 Get more props grid
show Show game settings
quit End Game


Open Hardcore and Insanity difficulty methods:
Open DefaultGame.ini located in My Document BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\
found m_nAchievedCombatDifficultyOverride = -1
Change “-1” to “4” to save.

Cheats introduction:
giveallarmor/giveallweapons/giveallbioAmps/giveallomnitools can call up the equipment you specify from I-X. The method is to add the code of the equipment you want after the command (all codes are given behind)
For example, if you want Colossus Armor produced by Kassa Fabrication, Spectre Master Gear and BioAmps and OmniTools of Armali Council, then you have to enter in the console:
“Giveallarmor Manf_Kassa_Armor_Colossus”
(Manf_Kassa_Armor_Colossus is the code name of the manufacturer, “Manf_Kassa” indicates that the manufacturer is Kassa Fabrication, “Armor” indicates that it is armor, and “Colossus” is the name of the armor)
Tip: If you only want the armor used by a certain race, then you have to add the name of the race after “giveallarmor”, such as giveallarmorhuman Manf_Sitta_Armor_Phoenix, the Phoenix armor tuned out is for humans, and “giveallarmorturian Manf_Sitta_Armor_Phoenix” Phoenix is ​​exclusively Turian.
Note: Some armors are unique to a certain race. In that case, it doesn’t matter whether the race name is added or not.
giveallweapons Manf_Spectre03_Weap (Manf_Spectre03_Weap is the code name of Spectre Gear, Manf_Spectre03 indicates that it is a tier 3 Spectre Gear, and Weap indicates that it is a weapon)
giveallbioamps Manf_Armali_BioAmp (Similarly, Manf_Armali is the manufacturer, and BioAmp means it belongs to BioAmp)
giveallomnitools Manf_Armali_OmniTool (see above)
The equipment transferred by the above method is from I-X level. If sometimes you only want X level things, then you have to use the giveitem command. The syntax is: giveitem target equipment level type manufacturer

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