Mass Effect game cheats


Please make a backup before modifying the file

Find “BIOInput.ini” in the “\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config” folder and edit it directly with Notepad:

Find “[Engine.Console]” and add ConsoleKey=Tilde below to save and re-enter the game

In this way, you can press ~ to open the console during the game:

Open the console and enter “unlockachievement #” (without quotation marks) # is the number below.
The normal method of obtaining and the rewards after cancellation are listed.

1 Medal of Honor Achievement unlock levels 51-60.
2 Medal of Heroism Achievement Obtained after completing Feros
3 Distinguished Service Medal Achievement Obtained after completing Eden Prime.
4 Council Legion of Merit Achievement Obtained after completing Virmire.
5 Honorarium of Corporate Service Achievement Complete Noveria.
6 Long Service Medal Achievement Complete ME two moves on any difficulty. Weapon damage +5%
7 Distinguished Combat Medal Achievement Complete ME on Hardcore difficulty
8 Medal of Valor Achievement Complete ME on Insanity difficulty
9 Pistol Expert Achievement Kill 150 enemies with a pistol, reduce the cooldown of Marksman by 25%
10 Shotgun Expert Achievement Use Shotty to kill 150 enemies. Shotgun skills are optional when new characters are created.
11 Assault Rifle Expert Achievement Use AR to kill 150 enemies, assault Rifle skills are optional when new characters are created
12 Sniper Expert Achievement SR 150 kills enemies, optional Sniper Rifle skills when new characters are created
13 Lift Mastery Achievement Lift Use 75 times, this skill can be selected when a new character is created.
14 Throw Mastery Achievement Throw used 75 times, ibid.
15 Warp Mastery Achievement Warp 75 times, same as above
16 Singularity Mastery Achievement Singularity used 75 times, same as above
17 Barrier Mastery Achievement Barrier used 75 times, same as above
18 Stasis Mastery Achievement Stasis 75 times, same as above
19 Damping Specialist Achievement Damping 75 times, same as above
20 AI Hacking Specialist Achievement AI Hacking 75 times, same as above
21 Overload Specialist Achievement Overload 75 times, new characters can choose Electronics skills
22 Sabotage Specialist Achievement Sabotage 75 times, new characters can choose Decryption
23 First Aid Specialist Achievement Use 150 Medi-gels, new characters can choose First Aid skills.
24 Neural Shock Specialist Achievement Use Neural Shock 75 times, and new characters can choose Medicine skills.
25 (Unknown/Hidden/Invalid) [Likely to be Colonial Savior Achievement-Complete the Bring Down the Sky DLC] Unknown, may be a BDS DLC achievement.
26 Scholar Achievement collects Primary Codex about various races.
27 Completionist Achievement 75% of the completion of the game, experience +5%
28 Tactician Achievement Shield suffered more damage than Health before clearing, and Shield strength +10%
29 Medal of Exploration Achievement landed on an unexplored planet.
30 Rich Achievement The money reaches $1000000, and you can buy the most NB equipment in the game-Spectre gear from the requisition officer of C-Sec Academy and the requisition officer of Normandy.
31 Dogs of War Achievement Geth 150, Health +10%
32 Geth Hunter Achievement Kill 250 Geth, shield + 10%
33 Soldier Ally Achievement took Ashley to complete the game 75%, antibiotics+10%
34 Sentinel Ally Achievement takes Kaiden to complete the game 75%, Lift and Throw cooldown -10%
35 Krogan Ally Achievement takes Wrex to complete 75% of the game and restores 1 life per second.
36 Turian Ally Achievement takes Garrus to complete the game 75%, Overload and Dampning cool down -10%
37 Quarian Ally Achievement Tali, Sabotage, AI Hacking cooldown -10%
38 Asari Ally Achievement Liara, Barrier, Stasis cooldown -10%
39 Power Gamer Achievement Reach level 50, experience +10%
40 Extreme Power Gamer Achievement Reach level 60, experience +5%
41 Renegade Achievement Renegade to 75%, Intimidate can be upgraded to full
42 Paragon Achievement Paragon to 75%, Charm can be upgraded to full
43 Paramour Achievement Hehe…. 😀
44 Spectre Inductee Achievement becomes Spectre
45 Charismatic Achievement Peacefully resolve the conflict between Virmire and Wrex, or convince Saren to commit suicide in the end. heh..
46 Search and Rescue Achievement Rescue Liara.

Open Hardcore and Insanity difficulty methods.

Open DefaultGame.ini located in My Document BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\

Find m_nAchievedCombatDifficultyOverride = -1
Change “-1” to “4” to save.

Game cheats
Get experience value givexp [number]
Obtain all weapons and modify item level 1-X giveall
Get armor giveallarmor [name]
Obtain Omnitools (eg “Serrice”) giveallomnitools [name]
Get Bioamps (e.g. “Serrice”) giveallbioamps [name]
Through the wall mode ghost
Flight mode (up and down stairs) fly
Exit through wall mode and flight mode walk
Teleport to the designated location teleport
Set the moral (paraagon) value setparagon [number]
Set the Renegate value setrenegade [number]
Set the talent value givetalentpoints [number]
Get more props grid m_nMaxInventoryItems=9999
Show game settings show
End the game quit

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