Madden NFL 2003 cheats

Madden NFL 2003 cheats

Madden NFL 2003 cheats

Announced Names
Create a new team and name the new coach “John Madden”. Melissa will be able to say his name during the game. To have the announcer’s call a created player’s name, you must choose an NFL player’s name that is in the game. For example, use “Dan” from Dan Marino and “Barber” from Ronde Barber to make a player named “Dan Barber”. Note: Sometimes the announcers will only call the player’s last name.
Easier Gold In Mini-Camp Mode
Create a player and sign hime to the team that you are doing the drill with. Make sure that the created player is playing the position of the person that you are trying to complete the drill with. You may also make people that you are going up against “sorrier”. If you know their names, go to their attributers and turn them all the way down.

City Name Announced
When creating a custom team, use the city where and NFL team plays as your custom team’s home city. The refs and the PA announcer will say your team’s city.

Cheap Players That Are Good
To make a player that is really cheap go to create a player. Give the player very low abilities (zero). The player will cost very little. Sign him to a team. Then go to edit player. Go to Attributes move all his Skills up (99). You then will have a player that is cheap but is really good.

Lower Team’s Overall Salary
One way to lower a team’s overall salary is to cut ceertain players’ salaries. You can do this with players that have low attributes but high salaries. To do this, go to “Rosters” and select “Edit player”. Select a player on the team that has a low overall rating (anything under the low 80’s) and has a high salary. When you choose to edit the players “Attributes”, you will notice that his slary decreases. Do not change anything in his attributes and exit out. You have now made your first budget cut of the season.

Barry Sanders
Get a gold rank in the RB Ground Attack drill in mini-camp mode under the All-Madden level to get Barry Sanders.



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