Machinarium game guide


Machinarium game guide

Machinarium cheats:
After entering the game, select the new save or load the old save. Enter rebol, and a line of menu will appear at the bottom of the game, so you can quickly switch levels and get all the items in the level.

More difficult puzzles in the Machinarium game:

1. Push the box

The longest time to be stumped by it

As long as the two red ones are pushed together, the door opens. The key is to cleverly use the white box to nest the red box to change the position of the red box. There are both positive thinking and reverse restoration.

Machinarium game guide 1

2. Beaded

It feels that the beads above are more difficult and the space available is relatively small.

Machinarium game guide2

3. Long snake formation
To find the starting block in this puzzle in the reverse direction, you must first find out which block must be the end. The characteristic is that there is only one direction to reach that, and then use it as a starting point in the opposite direction to slowly eliminate it. Find the starting point.

Machinarium game guide3

Gobang double cross play in Machinarium game:

Just put a double cross.

The one in the middle of the cross must go last. The four surrounding ones must be walked first. The computer will block the diagonal direction, but will not put it in the middle.

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