Lords of the Realm 1 game cheats

Lords of the Realm 1 game cheats

Lords of the Realm 1 game cheats:

In the game, press [shift]+[ctrl]+[alt]+c to open the console (it takes a while), enter the following cheats in the game

Effect Cheats
Set money # is a number, the same below setgold #
Add food addfood_500
All technology, construction freetechno
+100000 money addmoney_100000
Add money, technology and food addmoneytechnofood
Add #food addmoregold #
swordsman addtroopstomouse
cavalry addtroopstomouse_cavalry
Archer addtroopstomouse_enemy
Camp addtroopstomouse_enemytoground
Fast construction cheat_construction
Remove all trees destroy_speedtree_objects
Everything is free freeprice
General medical general_energy

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