Lords of Magic game cheats

Lords of Magic game cheats

Lords of Magic game cheats

Press [Ctrl]+ to enter the following cheats:

The cheats are valid in v2.0 or higher, pay attention to case

Jackpot⇒200 gold, crystal and beer
Marathon⇒1000 movement points
Hocuspocus⇒All magic, 1000 mana
Another set of cheats

Press [Ctrl]+ C to enter the following cheats:

bingo⇒All resources +250
zilla⇒Mighty Dragon
go far⇒1000 move points

Lords of Magic: Special Edition game cheats:
In the game, press [Ctrl] + C or [Ctrl] + to open the console, enter the following cheats [Enter] to confirm that you can get the corresponding effect:

marathon or go far⇒1000 move points
jackpot or bingo⇒200 gold, 200 beer and 200 gems
hocuspocusb or all spells⇒all magic, 1000 mana



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