Little Fighter 2 cheats

Little Fighter 2 cheats

Little Fighter 2 cheats

Hidden character secret technique

In the selection screen directly enter (not case-sensitive) to select all characters, while the highest difficulty CRAZY! (Seems to be valid at all times.)

The normal way to use LouisEX

When Louis’s HP is below 25%, press D + J + A that will transform into LouisEX.

Note: Because there is no armor, LouisEX’s running, jumping, and throwing abilities have been enhanced, but the corresponding defensive capabilities have been reduced by half.

Note 2: Louis transformed when the burst of armor attack power is very strong, especially the waist armor.

The normal way to use Firzen

When the same group of Firen and Freeze’s HP are below 25%, each running towards the other that will merge into Firzen.

Note: The one with more HP among the two will gain control of Firzen.

Note 2: When the two of them merge, they will release a [Arctic Volcano] without a move.

Note 3: The time limit is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, when the time is up, separate immediately.


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